For starters, you won’t be received differently by the people around you. They won’t be able to put their fingers on it. But they will pay more attention. You’ll feel more confident. And your goals will happen more naturally.

Michelle Augenstein’s Executive Presence Coaching supplied me with the confidence, poise and position that landed me two jobs. The first job propelled me out of unemployment and the second was a promotion to my dream job. Without her, I probably never would have landed either position, and here’s why. When Michelle and I first met, I was a new mom that had cycled out of the job market. I had sought employment for almost five months and frequently landed interviews, but never job offers. My confidence and self-image were flagging and I knew that my continued trajectory would result in a downward career spiral.

From the moment I met Michelle, I was impressed by her knowledge, credibility and sensitivity to my position. She modeled the behavior of a successful executive professional in all of her interactions. I had several upcoming interviews, and for the first time, felt hopeful that this could lead to a career breakthrough. After about 4 sessions, we had identified my strengths and weaknesses, practiced interviewing skills, identified my personal ‘brand’ and identified the right colors and clothing profiles for my build. Michelle’s friendly and supportive presence guided me through the interview process in a positive and motivating direction.

Walking into interviews with these skills took my game to a whole new level. We continued consulting following my interviews, and she was there for me as I navigated the tricky process of negotiating my salary and benefits. She had been so helpful in working with me to get my job, and I knew I would be a better employee if we maintained an ongoing relationship. Over four months she helped me work through several politically sensitive workplace issues that had sidelined me in the past. With her support, I was less stressed due to fewer workplace conflicts, and my husband is less stressed for not having to be my sounding board every time an issue came up!

Thanks to Michelle, I was hired for my dream job. She has offered a unique service that neither my husband, nor friends or even therapists can offer in helping others advance professionally, and master the day-to-day interpersonal communication challenges we all face on the job.

Anyone that is serious about advancing their career should seek out an Executive Presence Coach like Michelle. Thanks to her I am more confident and management savvy than I have ever been. Her expertise in job market looks, trends and workplace demands has been spot on. It is time and money well-spent.

Stephanie M., National Partnership Program Representative, Palo Alto CA

While it was true that I did not know what to expect, I can honestly say I enjoyed the time with Michelle! I appreciated how she explained the process and each sub-segment of the consultation - a road map always helps me so I know there is a plan. Throughout the consultation, Michelle was quick to turn a negative that I may have brought up about my body into a positive. It is so important for a person to be open, engaging, personable and non-judgmental to do the work you do and Michelle has all of these attributes. Thank you.

Rachel J., Attorney, Atlanta GA

I’ve had the privilege to hear Michelle speak several times and each time I have been impressed by the passion of her message. She’s a dynamic speaker who is confident and powerful, yet approachable. She has the natural ability to educate her audience by breaking down core teaching principles into creative analogies, metaphors and stories that deliver high content and value. I’ve never experienced a speaker who can take ordinary content and present it in a very fun way. If you’re looking for a great speaker, Michelle will leave your audience buzzing.

Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIP, CPBS, CEO Illustra Consulting

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle as an Image Consultant while preparing for an update to my social media presence. I found her to be one of the most competent professionals I have ever worked with. She was always prepared for our meetings, followed up with phone and email communication afterward, and was able to anticipate my needs at every turn. Her manner is so gracious and kind that she engenders instant rapport - working with her felt more like collaboration with a close friend, rather than working with a new colleague. When necessary, Michelle explains things clearly, without excessive jargon or corporate-speak. She also really listens and adjusts goals according to her client’s needs and desired outcomes. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Michelle will truly appreciate all that she is able to do to help them succeed. From choosing appropriate clothing and color palettes, to picking just the right photo pose and posture, to fine tuning wording and layouts, Michelle’s attention to detail is unsurpassed. In sum, Michelle exceeded my expectations in every way, and working with her was a true joy. It is my honor to recommend her both personally and professionally.

Anthony Smith, DVM, CEO at Rainbow Bridge Vet Services